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Real time streaming example


First you will need the nats cli, it is only required if you actually want to send some events

go install github.com/nats-io/natscli/nats@latest  

Now to spin up the resources:

docker compose up -d

Now to sign in with nats

nats context add real-time  
# This creates a file in ~/.config/nats/real-time.json
# Edit that and set username and password to `natsadmin`
nats ctx select real-time

And subscribe with nats

nats sub cli.demo  

In a new terminal publish events

nats pub cli.demo '{"key":"value"}' --count=0 # count 0 will send a lot of events

Now open your client of choice: I used datagrip with default settings, simply add port 8123 and localhost and you should be good.

The table will be in default called daily. It will contain a column key, with a bunch of rows with the value: value