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Fermyon kubernetes test (k3s)

This is just a simple sample app for getting up and running on kubernetes with fermyon spin.

The commands are quite handheld, and builds on: https://developer.fermyon.com/spin/v2/kubernetes#install-plugin

So follow that guide first and patch the following as you get to it.



To generate the k8s deployment, which contains the basic requirements for getting spin running on kubernetes


Now either kubectl apply -f ./k8s or add to a gitops repo (that is what I did)

This is also where the first patch have to be done for k3s. K3s, cannot be patched at runtime on its containerd/config.toml as such manually add this section to a new file at /var/lib/rancher/k3s/agent/etc/containerd/config.toml.tmpl

{{ template "base" .}}

  runtime_type = "io.containerd.spin.v2"
  BinaryName = "/usr/local/bin/containerd-shim-spin-v2"

Now restart k3s sudo systemctl restart k3s and the change should take effect


The app is quite simple simply kubectl apply on the app/spin-test-app/deploy.yaml and you should be good to go. You may have to patch the ingress to suit your needs, it is setup for my own right now. As this is mostly just a test for me, I won't create a generalized setup